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A Little Taste of Heat

Excerpt from my debut novel, Learning to Love the Heat. Coming 1/9/18!

Standing a few feet behind her, I watch Claire as she examines photos in the glass cases along the balcony. Her long hair hangs in waves down her back and spills over her shoulder each time she leans forward to get a closer look at something. Her white denim shorts completely cover her ass, but their length does nothing to hide the delicious shape of it. Her right foot slips in and out of its sandal, hypnotizing me with the way her calf muscles dance under her creamy skin.

Alright, enough leching.

Calling upon every ounce of willpower I possess, I tear my gaze from her legs and join her at the display case. Instead of pressing my chest to her back and my cock to her ass—which is what my body wants to do—I stand at her side, keeping a respectable distance.

Beneath the glass are nineteenth-century pictures of conjoined twins, sideshow acts, and a naked man with testicles the size of Andy’s ego. My eyes widen when I recall what she texted earlier.

“You came here on a class trip? How exactly did your teacher get approval for that?”

A wicked smirk forms on her angelic face. “It was a special class for…precocious children,” she says. “‘Ravenous young minds must be fed at all times’ was our teacher’s motto.”

“Why do I get the feeling you were more precocious than any of them?” Even with her anxieties, Claire has more spunk than any woman I’ve ever met. There’s a subtle, unintentional mischief about her.

A pleasurable tremor runs through me, thinking of what her intentional mischief would look like.

“Me? No. I was just a little too clever for my own good, I guess.”

“Logomachist,” I say with a nod.

“I’m sorry, what?”

“Logomachist. Someone who argues over words. Like you.” Smiling at her offended reaction, I move over to the wall of skulls, with Claire following close behind. A museum was the perfect choice for today’s impromptu outing, particularly this one. There’s absolutely nothing romantic about a place dedicated to medical oddities. “There you go—your two-bit word for the day.”

“Considering it came in the form of an insult, I hope you aren’t planning to charge me.” Her arms cross over her chest in indignation, the pose pushing her breasts further up the neckline of her shirt. I look away before she can catch me, but that brief glimpse is all it takes to fuel my filthy imagination.

It’s like I’ve been transported back to the days when an exposed wrist was as indecent as an exposed nipple is today. Gorgeous women who’ve been naked and spread-eagle on my bed didn’t turn me on as much as an inch of Claire’s cleavage did just now. I already know I’ll be coming hard tonight with my dick in my hand and that image in my mind.

When I turn back to the menagerie of skeleton heads, I could swear each empty eye socket is staring at me and each mouth is turned up in a shit-eating grin, like the creepy fuckers know exactly what’s in my perverted brain. Talk about an effective hard-on softener.

Getting back to the decidedly chaste here and now… “Nope. You’re eligible for the friends and family discount, which makes it one-hundred-percent off.”

“Good, because I don’t have any cash on me, which means I’d have to—" Her mouth slams shut before she can finish that thought, so I finish it in my head.

She’d have to kiss me. That’s what she’d have to do. She’d have to slant her mouth on mine and give me the first taste of those lush lips of hers. There’s a chance she’d part them and touch the tip of her tongue to mine. Maybe she’d press her body against me as her anxieties and inhibitions melt away, giving in to lust.


Creepy skulls, creepy skulls, creepy skulls…

Wow. That really is boner kryptonite.

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